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International Business Law is a Course

International Business Law


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Full course description

The “Foundations of International Business Law” module covers four separate topics in international business:

  • International Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Business Transactions 
  • International Trade
  • International Tax

 This module is offered in a self-paced mode. This means that you can progress through the module at whatever pace meets your own needs and is most comfortable for you.

Throughout the module, you will interact with readings, videos, and quizzes, and more. Here are some of the components that you will find within the four topics in the module:


Each topic includes several informational lectures to support the learning material for that topic.


Within each topic are a number of readings around the specific topics and themes for that topic.


Each topic includes a short quiz that allows you to test your knowledge of the material or themes covered in the topic. All quizzes contain five questions and are meant to serve as a method for you to check your understanding.


If you have any questions about this module and its content, please feel free to email